CRE Partnership Award

Award Description:

The CoreNet Global North Texas CRE Partnership Award recognizes teams of corporate real estate and service providers, including Brokers, Landlords, Designers and/or General Contractors who partner to deliver high-performance results that demonstrate proven value to the organization as a result of their collaboration. This submission may be a team effort by the service provider(s) and the end user. The award will be presented to each firm.

Award Criteria:

  • This award is open to Non-Members
  • Implement innovative approaches and practices that enhance the delivery of corporate real estate services to one or more organizations
  • Demonstrate financial benefit derived from an integrated organizational operation
  • Demonstrate a commitment to all aspects of partnership, collaboration, and transparency.
  • Implement sustainable organizational practice(s) that are repeatable over the long- term as opposed to one time occurrences
  • Demonstrated success criteria may include one or more of the following:
    • Successful integration of key stakeholders, including HR, IT, Finance Business Operations and Real Estate with demonstrated benefit to the client/customer
    • Collaboration resulting in mutually beneficial solutions between organizations who may otherwise have adversarial relationships such as Tenant/Landlord, Company/Contractor, or Company/Government or Regulator
    • Use of innovative solutions for complex transactions or projects
    • Deployment of new and/or cutting edge processes for achieving consensus, buy-in, and defined results.

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For questions regarding the CoreNet North Texas Awards of Excellence and criteria, please contact Brenda Hedrick, 214-906-6937,, or Judy Laube, 214-682-1409,